View Full Version : Australian special forces take out top Taliban commander

08-31-2009, 11:55 AM
THE Taliban chief who threatened to slaughter Prince Harry has been assassinated by special forces soldiers.

Karim gained notoriety last year by describing Harry, then serving with the Household Cavalry in southern Helmand, as an "important chicken".

Australian marksmen "took out" Mullah Abdul Karim in a secret mission sanctioned by top brass.It was part of a concerted campaign designed to rid lawless Oruzgan province of hardcore militants.

Similar covert operations are believed to have wiped out more than half a dozen senior Taliban leaders.Threatening to kill the prince - third in line to the throne - he added: "He is our special enemy."

But Lieut-Gen Mark Evans said: "Mullah Karim was a tactical-level insurgent commander directly responsible for numerous attacks against Australian and Afghan forces."He was heavily involved in insurgent recruitment and responsible for harassing the people in the lead-up to the elections."


Comments :
Afghan mountain tribesmen were historically considered to be great marksmen. The great irony here is that the Taliban are now being taken to school by some very good marksmen from “out of town”.
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