View Full Version : Connecticut Man Selling Parents on Craigslist

08-31-2009, 02:58 PM
Michael Amatrudo was bored over the rainy weekend and decided to sell an unusual item using Craigslist --his parents.

"So I decided, as a spoof and as a joke, to put one of my most valuable possessions up, mom and dad," Amatrudo, of Madison, Conn. said.

"I got lots of use out of these guys over the past 50 years, but it's time to move on," Amatrudo wrote in his ad. “Will consider trade for newer model, hot blonde under age 40 or an Erector Set in good condition. MUST SEE! Please email or call Michael for additional details and pics. $155.00 OBO”

Amatrudo’s ad also lists his parents, Ed and Arlene Amatrudo, of Noank, Conn., as being in "excellent overall condition and still plenty of life left in them."

Amatrudo said his parents feel they are being a bit undervalued at $155. Overall, the couple has been a hot ticket and the e-mails keep flooding in.

"There were a couple of touching ones, saying, 'I could really use some great parents," he said.

The calls for Amatrudo's parents have come from all over. While most have come from Connecticut, others have been coming in from nearby Rhode Island, Ohio and as far away as Los Angeles.

But the one e-mail that Amatrudo said sums up his parents' value the best reads, "New pair of Reeboks, $80, flat screen TV $400, perfectly good parents, priceless...