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09-05-2009, 11:53 AM
The Last of the Macacas

By George Neumayr on 9.4.09 @ 6:09AM

The PC flare-up over Robert McDonnell's excavated graduate thesis paper calling feminism "detrimental" to the traditional family has followed the usual pattern: a perfectly sound conservative position is "exposed," that position is described for days, without any argumentation to prove it whatsoever, as "offensive," an ongoing journalistic beat forms around said position, then the offending Republican offers apologies for his benighted view while quibbling a bit about the timing, extent, and motivation of the scrutiny.

The PC position is never assumed to be wrong. No, modern life under feminist ideology is going swimmingly and anyone who suggests otherwise has no place in American politics. The wisdom of the National Organization for Women will continue to guide us into a glorious future.

I have been enlightened, McDonnell has in effect informed his PC masters. According to a Washington Post story on Wednesday, under the headline, "McDonnell Tries to Salvage Women's Votes," the Republican candidate "has said his views on working women have changed in the two decades since he wrote the paper at age 34 at Regent University in Virginia Beach."

So the twenty years since then have proven feminism to be right? The family is stronger than ever under its culture? It turns out small children are better off raised by "child care professionals" than by stay-at-home mothers? Conservatives should have supported federal child-care programs all along?

In order to belly up to the table of American politics, Republican politicians feel that they must consent to these lies and swallow poisonous PC propaganda whole. Who cares about the truth of the matter? Let's just win. And this means, even if they do, that legislation never changes fundamentally. Almost all important policy debates now just revolve around two liberal positions which differ only in degree not kind.

Winston Churchill associated mindless liberalism with callow youth and conservatism with age. Were he alive today, he would have to reverse the adage. Pols start off honestly conservative and become dishonestly liberal, spouting whatever sentimental lies the PC culture decrees.

Both McDonnell and Virginia Senator Jim Webb, who once committed the similarly grievous offense of questioning women-in-combat policies, have ditched their views and now acknowledge, as McDonnell put it the other day, "the real policy world," his euphemism for the propaganda one must honor as the price of admission into American political debates.