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09-09-2009, 09:33 PM
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The good little socialists speak:

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Do we need a wealthy class in order to maintain society?

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I know that only a few days ago I declared that we need idealist bourgeoisie to help our movement.

But now I'm contemplating a statement often uttered by the right.

"Increasing taxes on the wealthy would destroy incentive to succeed". They are implying that the wealthy will leave the US or they will stop working hard. I'm inclined to believe that they are full of shit. Yet their statement raises an important question.

Could society function without the "wealthy" class? If we put the power of businesses back into the hands of the workers, do we need the classist system that we currently live in?
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8. What function do they serve?

A good many of them are parasites with no ability to make it on their own. I would argue that, as a class, they are responsible for many of our problems through their piggish ignorance, sense of entitlement, and psychopathic self-centeredness. Other than a few minor eccentricities like that, I'm sure they're fine folk, in the main.

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20. Well a lot of the hyper wealthy provide the financial means for businesses and other projects.

Jackpine Radical Donating Member (1000+ posts) Wed Sep-09-09 07:07 PM
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23. No, their wealth does that.

They do nothing. Often, they don't even make the decisions on how their money is invested, leaving that up to money managers.So I suppose the wealth is going to be around and the socialists will have access to it if the wealthy people are NOT around? How long is that going to last?

7. Do we see Wealthy animals, insects, birds, etc???There are many clues from Mother Nature

that we should consider....No we don't need a wealthy class...what we need is a Smart Benevolent group of LEADERS who ere trained to do the best for the masses and for the Society in General...Like provide FREE health care, FREE housing, FREE food and all those other "rights"? Where are they going to get the means to do that?

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9. I don't know that we need a wealthy class; but any system without it is tyrranical

and not a system I would want to live in.

Also depends on how you define "wealthy" - if it means merely the upper 10% of any society, then no matter what one does (outside of iron-fisted tyrrany) there will be "wealthy" people. If you mean those who have capital far beyond what the average is - say, beyond three sigmas - then that's a different thing. Non-iron-fisted things can be put in place to help keep the wealth disparity in check.

A wealthy class is a byproduct of any system that isn't an iron-fisted dictatorship that isn't worth living in.

And I don't believe that Republican meme of destroying the incentive to succeed. It might destroy the incentive to accumulate and hoard, or to screw others without measure, but most people are normal, and normal people are doing stuff because they enjoy doing it and want to be better at it, and measure their success that way. Except, of course, Republicans, who apparently measure a successful life only the shit that was accumulated during it.How's that working out for New York?

28. How many times in your lifetime has

a poor person given you a job?*crickets chirping**

09-10-2009, 04:50 PM
Do we need a wealthy class in order to maintain society?

I think it's important to ascertain what ones definition of "maintaining society" is.

If maintaining society is merely providing food, shelter, and health care to the masses (Socialism), then the answer is no, we don't need a wealthy class.

If "maintaining society" is maintaining our (US) historical society of capitalism and success, then the answer is yes. In my mind there are two types of wealthy people in the wealthy class:

1. Wealthy Business Men/Women - These are the leaders of businesses large and small that create jobs for the people of America. They start, manage, and grow business (in all variations) which leads to greater economy. A greater economy strengthens the US dollar and the citizens of the US are able to gain more material wealth on all levels.

2. Wealthy Investors - These are the men and women that sit back and invest their money in order to create increased wealth. The investments of these people provide capital to young and established companies so that these companies can grow. An increase in business growth leads to more jobs, greater economy, a strengthened US dollar, and increased material wealth to the citizens of the US.

Some people say tax the wealthy. I say all this does is inhibit economic growth. The money spent on paying taxes could be going to investing in our country. When we don't have money being reinvested in business, the economy lags. The US's current economic status is a prime example of this. The Obama administration's plan to stimulate growth by stimulous package money and bailouts are counter-productive because it leaves the US with debt. Any financial advisor or money guru will tell you that borrowing money to create a better financial position is ill advised. An example on a personal level might be credit cards. If you have $20,000 in credit card debt and take out a $20,000 loan to pay them off, then you are stuck paying on the $20,000 loan. Then if you start using your credit cards again, you're stuck with the $20,000 loan plus the credit card debt again.