View Full Version : Hundreds brave rain at Colorado Tea Party 9/12

09-14-2009, 11:24 AM
Just a few facts about our organizational efforts for this teaparty:

I spent two months and approx. 205 volunteer hours planning this event. All time donated for free. I also spent $520.00 out of pocket for the sound and light system rental, batteries, and blank CD's.

We had a team of people who donated as yet uncounted volunteer hours helping with the logistics of this event.

We had pledged donations of $275.00 before the event (I have yet to see any of this money), and we collected $120.00 at one of our planning meetings, and in our donation bin at the actual event we collected $185.00. We did not charge for booth space at our event, and the permit from the Denver Capitol was free.

All speakers, our national anthem contest winner Andrea Chase, and our security team drove themselves to our event (And in Andreas case - flew to Colorado from texas with her mother), and all of them donated their time to make this event a success!

No one was paid anything for helping, they all did it because they wanted to step up and spend time, money, and resources on the Defense of Liberty.