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09-14-2009, 02:24 PM
The Left’s “Smear the 9/12 March” Campaign in Full Roar

Well it didn’t take long, did it? Pretty much by late afternoon on the day of the march, leftist bloggers and media pundits began trying to ‘debunk’ photos of the march, claiming the large crowd shown marching down Pennsylvania Avenue on the way to the Capitol Building was from another march, perhaps the one that supposedly showed up to honor the recently-deceased Ted Kennedy.

Well, that one was pretty much ‘counter-debunked’ by Michelle Malkin and others and besides…logic would have told even the most obtuse leftwing radical that Kennedy wouldn’t have drawn that many folks without the offer of free beer and government cheese on tap for everybody.

Regardless, initial estimates put the crowd at figures ranging from “tens of thousands“ – though from where I was standing that figure seemed ridiculously low — up to 2 million, though I don’t think that was necessarily accurate, either.

Emotions ran high that day, certainly, but so did crowd size and that’s what’s driving the Left crazy these days.

Here are a few emails I received over the weekend and which I opened upon returning from the D.C. area:
- “You people need to get over yourselves. Your ironically Strangelovian pursuit of a political strategy completely devoid of any basis in tangible reality is destined to produce a phyrric victory, if it produces any victory at all. Good luck with that, and good riddance. My great fear is that your reductionist and (ultimately) nihilist philosophy will win the day, and we will all be stuck with the governance “you” so richly deserve.”
Though the gentleman never identifies his profession to me, I can’t help but shake the feeling he’s some sort of academic. I must admit to a small amount of pride at being called a reductionist, as I’ve never in my life been classified as such. It’s kind of liberating to be labeled so.
Here’s another good one. This from a fellow who communicated with me for the very first time:

“I get it: When the right demonstrates, it’s all legitimate and cause worthy because it’s all about liberty and freedoms and going back to what our founding fathers meant this country to be. When the left demonstrates, it’s illegitimate and trash strewn and full of wackos and nuts and more. Come on, give me a break. ”
My guess is this was in response to my observation after the march at how clean and litter-free the 9/12ers left the Mall and the city in general when compared to how absolutely trash-strewn all the ”green freaks” and lovers of Mother Earth left the place after the end of the Obama Inauguration.
But that gathering was “transformative,” I guess, and therefore the “people” were allowed to take certain liberties not granted to the 9/12 participants.

Did anybody pick up anything after The One was sworn in?
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