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09-14-2009, 05:06 PM
The March in Washington,A Defining Experience for a Charleston Citizen

The following is an e mail that was send to me and others by Marsha Baxter.

She travelled to Washington for the event on a Charleston Tea Party bus and participated in the march.
Her letter says it all. Editor

How does one describe a life defining moment… I never believed that I could be involved in such an experience, I had allowed myself to become trusting and complacent, willing to allow others to be the watchdog and voice that should have been me.

I have trusted network news to be the informant of issues in our Congress; misplaced trust… I have learned the lesson.

I have been surprising myself of late. Never in my 60 years have I become so awake to the actions of our Congress and the direction they are taking this nation. Their actions, self-interests and corruption are taking this great nation down and we must stop the death spiral.

I am still defining how I can participate in this counter-activity, I know I have to study and read and listen to the overwhelming evidence and then I must make my voice heard, I must stand together to protect our liberty. The Tea Party Movement appears to be my choice.

I rode to DC this past weekend with a bus load of professionals, not radicals, nor extremists, etc. but professionals from every career. Physicians, pastors, engineers, state Senator, teachers, contractors, etc.. Our only agenda was to stand and be recognized as disagreeing with our nation’s leadership.

The issues were many, but we were not special interest at all.

I wish I had the vocabulary to express the very full heart, the sense of pride I felt participating;

just being on the bus was an education. Then standing in Freedom Square literally crammed in together like sardines in a can and singing our Nation’s songs and facing the American Flag with our hands over our hearts..

Tears streaming and hearts full of pride, voices choked from emotion… The March was started 30-45 minutes earlier then planned because our numbers were so large, the DC police was concerned for safety, etc. The walk was slow and deliberate and respectful. We were in awe of the massive buildings, the monuments, the White House and the Capital, HUGE… and we were there,


exercising our God given right to make our voices heard, standing on hollowed ground given to us by our Nation’s founders, the signers of the Declaration of Independence, the authors of our Constitution and fought to protect by our Nation’s military.

So many American hero’s… So many people from every walk of life, united in the conviction that we must make our voices heard, we must take back our nation, we must stop our President and Congress.

And the chants, the voices raised united… “We love Joe”; “You Lie”; “Joe for President”; “Flip the House” and many more…

Believe me a common theme throughout this entire experience was to vote out every existing Rep, Senator and President as they come up for re-election.

This Grass Roots Movement will be one to be reckoned with since we are founded on our Bill of Rights, our Constitution, our Freedom, our Liberty .

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