View Full Version : A Short Walk Down Memory Hole Lane

09-15-2009, 05:48 PM
In recent months, newspapers, cable news channels and political commentators have taken a sudden interest in the offensive signs that some ill-mannered participants have brought to "tea party" demonstrations and townhall meetings.

Left-leaning pundits, bloggers, and even Democrat politicians, seem to be shocked at how conservative protestors are "lowering the level of political discourse".

Nancy Pelosi recently claimed that protestors were "carrying swastikas and symbols like that to a town meeting on healthcare", as if she were astonished to hear of such behavior. The truth of the matter is that this crass, adolescent style of protest has been standard fare at virtually all anti-war and leftwing political demonstrations since at least 2003.

In fact, the number of offensive signs that have shown up at recent "tea parties" and townhalls is not even comparable to the sheer quantity of signs featuring swastikas, Hitler comparisons and other outrageous imagery at anti-war protests. The only thing that's new is that all of a sudden the media has begun to notice them.

Over the past six years, I've attended numerous anti-war / anti-Bush demonstrations and have photographed thousands of crazy signs and banners; not only signs comparing President Bush (and Republicans in general) to Nazis, but also signs comparing the State of Israel to Nazi Germany, as well as countless signs and banners promoting the idea that President Bush and /or Israel were the "real" culprits behind the attacks of 9/11.

These kinds of messages are so prevalent at leftwing protests that it would be impossible for any journalist to claim not to have seen them; they are literally everywhere one looks.

And so I've always been amazed that the newspaper and television coverage of these protests never (and I really do mean never) showed, or mentioned, any of these outrageous images.

I could only conclude, because the overtly offensive or blatantly anti-American signs that dominate these events cannot possibly be missed by any person with eyes, that the journalists sent to cover these demonstrations purposefully obfuscated the reality of what they saw.

No doubt they did this because they sympathized with the anti-war or anti-Bush sentiment, yet were also savvy enough to understand that most Americans would find the behavior of the protestors appalling.