View Full Version : Meltdown with Keith Olbermann, Part 2.

09-16-2009, 09:07 PM
Meltdown with Keith Olbermann, Part 2.

Olbermann and Alter “Older, whiter… more stupid.”
If you heard the words “older, whiter and more stupid” emanate from the mouths of MSNBC’s lead hatemonger Keith Olbermann and Newsweek’s leftist reporter Jonathan Alter Friday night, you might have had one of two reactions:
1. It was a weird bit of self-description
2. Move along, nothing to see here, folks, MSNBC long ago declared itself Home of the Race Card with this little bit of nonsense:
Obviously MSNBC—Race-Card User Carlos Watson Says 'Socialist Is Becoming the New N-Word'

Sometimes I fear this description may also apply to me, as Keith and company are keeping me plenty busy indoors and away from sunlight lately, responding to their daily rhetorical outrages; and also because as I’m watching them, I can feel brain cells deciding the pain is too great and yelling “goodbye cruel world” by the score.

But actually, Olbermann and Alter were taking out after those who protested President Obama’s nationwide speech to the nation’s elementary schools. Of course, nearly every other news-talk-show host—even the liberals like Chris Matthews—mentioned the “mistake” made by the Department of Education for putting out study materials that asked kids to ponder how to “help the President achieve his goals.” Not Olbermann and Alter, though. No, as far as they were concerned, there was absolutely no reason other than paranoia and ignorance to be suspicious of the Obama speech.

Hey, maybe we should just be grateful the study guide didn’t call him “Dear Leader.”

Here’s a sample of the snarky snickering conversation that contains at least as many overreactions as were committed by the people they are mocking:

OLBERMANN: But also it’s self-defeating, because if you think about this, the Democratic parents are going to tell their kids to stay in school that day and presumably they’ll get this message and whatever value this is. Towards keeping them in school, there’ll be more Democratic kids or kids of Democratic parent will be staying in school than getting degrees and colleges and scholarships and things, and the Republicans will be working at Burger King. It’s self-defeating, isn’t it?

ALTER: Well, you know, it really is. It’s something that people don’t quite understand is if you look at the 19 — the 2008 election returns, the Republican Party is not only becoming more regional, more of a Southern party, obviously an older white party, but also a much less well- educated party.

For the first time in many years, Democrats carried college-educated voters and of course, they’ve long carried graduate school-educated voters. So you can see scientists go overwhelmingly Democratic.

So they’re becoming whiter, more southern and more stupid as time goes on. And I’m not sure that that helps the other party or the country.

There is actually a grain of truth to this snide little chucklefest, and maybe Olbermann and Alter actually realize it and are whistling past the graveyard.