View Full Version : ACORN chief vows to fight “modern-day McCarthyism”

09-16-2009, 10:25 PM
Video: ACORN chief vows to fight “modern-day McCarthyism”

She finally decided to crawl out of the bunker and hit some cable shows this afternoon. Not surprisingly, Blitzer’s segment is the more informative of the two:

Watch her thank O’Keefe and Giles for helping weed out the very few bad apples in the ACORN system before
(a) threatening to sue them,
(b) accusing them of doctoring the vids,
(c) alleging that they were turned away from “dozens” of offices.

She also hedges when he presses her on submitting to an external review in lieu of that sham “audit” she thinks we’re all stupid enough to take seriously.

As for the Schultz clip, it’s worth watching for two reasons. One, the “Nuts vs. ACORN” chyron is vintage MSNBC.

And two, the McCarthyism soundbite at the very end, used here to deflect public interest in a nonprofit conspiring to cover up child sex trafficking, will live in infamy.