View Full Version : Politicians are as stubborn as a Missouri mule.

09-18-2009, 02:36 PM
A farmer in Missouri used a mule to plow his garden every spring. This spring the mule just stopped plowing and stood there defiantly. The farmer begged the mule, asked the mule even pleaded and finally demanded the mule get back to work.

In frustration, the farmer called his father and asked for his help. Twenty minutes later his father drives up. When he got out of his pickup truck he retrieved a 3 foot 2x4 from the truck box and walked over to the mule. First he whispered something into the mules ear but the mule didn’t budge.

All of the sudden the farmer’s father takes a hard swing at the mule and hits it right across the forehead and again whispers into the mules ear. The farmer was amazed the mule started plowing again. He asked his father what he whispered to the mule and he said “Get back to work”.

The farmer told his father he’d done that to which his father said “first you need to get it’s attention”.

Let’s all hope the politicians begin to represent their constituents majority opinion because we sent them to political office and we damn sure have the power to send them to the unemployment line.