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09-19-2009, 12:34 AM
State Attorney General Gears Up Probe as Payroll Tax Troubles Mount

Tax problems continue to build for the New Orleans-based national activist group ACORN, with the IRS filing a $548,000 lien this month for two years worth of unpaid payroll taxes, according to records in the Orleans Parish

Clerk of Courtís office.
The latest federal tax filing lists seven different payments that were missed for unemployment taxes from July 2007 through March of this year. That adds to an existing IRS bill of more than $1 million, which The Pelican Institute detailed in an August report.

The latest federal filing, recorded Sept. 3, comes as Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell investigates delinquent state payroll taxes from the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now and its myriad related groups. Caldwell is also investigating other allegations against the group.

And it adds to the maelstrom pulling at the organization after amateur undercover filmmakers released video two weeks ago showing ACORN workers giving tax-evasion advice to two people posing as a pimp and prostitute.

In the Louisiana tax case, court records show the state Department of Revenue filed two liens in January. The first, for $306,702, was against Citizens Consulting Inc., the bookkeeping arm of ACORN. It describes delinquent employee withholding taxes from late 2002 through mid 2008.
The second lien was against ACORN itself for $26,026, again for unpaid withholding taxes.

Both state liens appear to be cancelled, according to a citation in the Clerk of Courtís computer. State revenue officials will not discuss individual taxpayer cases, so they could not confirm that the issue is clear.

The subpoenas seek a broad range of information since 1998 from ACORN and what the documents say are 361 related tax-exempt and non-tax-exempt organizations:

A list of every employee
All state and federal tax returns
Organizational charts for every affiliate
All audited financial statements
Documents related to the theft of nearly $1 million by Rathkeís
brother, Dale Rathke, who worked in the organization.
If you give money to United Way you are supporting ACORN.

We stopped supporting the United Way back in the mid 1980s. There are far better organizations to donate to and certainly more deserving. United Way had some of the biggest overhead costs 25 years ago. Not sure about today.

The United Way was hijacked by the left a long time ago. I refused at my last employer to donate as part of a big push to get every employee to give.

I chose another charity.