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09-19-2009, 01:54 PM
Fuck Olympia Snowe, bipartisanship, and the 60 vote myth! (And, btw, FUCK insurance profits)! Updated at 1:04 PM

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If you DARE try to sell out health care reform to the corporations that are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to buy this legislation, don't think that you will be off the hook politically by passing this off as some sort of bipartisanship compromise and reform!

If bipartisanship is used as a transparent paper thin excuse to sell out your base (which happens to be the MAJORITY, if you recall),
the people will not be fooled. Do not think that you will able to broker some deal with Olympia Snowe and pass it off as the only means of getting health care reform passed. It will be seen and recognized immediately for what it is - a coward's act for political cover to sell out the people. And, frankly, the American people do not want the wet dream corporate health insurance plan that would come from such a betrayal. We NEED real reform and we need it now. Enough is enough.

The cost of health care is LITERALLY killing and bankrupting American citizens. People desperately want a real alternative to purchasing private health insurance because they are AFRAID of the insurance companies. We are afraid they will deny care when we need it most. That is why nearly 80% of the public wants a government insurance option that they can buy into. They want to be PROTECTED from the private health insurers you champion. Many of us can't afford private insurance at all, and it is beyond a sharp betrayal of trust when the industry profits are put above the health of American citizens.

This entire reform has been a big song and dance about the importance of keeping the private insurance company in the business of profiteering off our health care dollars. All this talk of the insurance companies and big pharm being 'the health care stake holders' is just spitting in the face of the American citizen. The American PEOPLE are the health care stake holders, NOT corporations, okay? Get that?

And, further, the 'fair & level' playing field that has been rammed down our throats as a condition of necessary reform. We have to make sure they can keep taking crucial and precious dollars out of the health care system so that CEO executives and stake holders can be paid. We can't have single payer because it would be 'too disruptive' and we need a uniquely American solution to the health care crisis, one which allows administrative costs and bueracracy to trump creating a system where health care dollars are preserved by a government insurance system to provide human beings with ACTUAL HEALTH CARE.

You think the American people give a rat's ass about the health insurance and big pharmaceutical profit? Then, you are crazy. The people HATE the current predatory system. We are SICK TO DEATH of being treated as commodities and consumers (health care CONSUMER, what a gross term), we want to be treated as human beings whose health and well being trump proft.

This whole thing has been a sorry and sad spectacle to watch because the dems should OWN this issue. All you had to do was sell Medicare for all (hell, even the Republicans have been singing Medicare's praises and talking about how THEY will fight to defend it, and you know we are living in a alternate universe when they can pretend to stand on such a platform of championing a program they have sought for years to destroy). The country was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ready, so hungry for real representation after the last election, you could feel it in the air....you could TASTE it.

You think that the corporate health care campaign dollars and going to be what keeps you in power next election? You think that as long as you can keep the coffers full of corporate dollars, you will be politically safe?

Not only is this calculation as a complete slap in the face to those who trusted you to keep your promise of real change, it is a incredibly STUPID rationale. You see, you are in stark danger of alienating your base (the MAJORITY) and while you appear to think that you can shit on us on a regular basis because the alternative is voting for Republicans, you fail to understand that there comes a breaking point.

Why should we break our backs and give the few dollars we have in our wallets to politicians who will stab us in the back the second they are safely in office? Many will just not show up in 2010, no matter how many commercials you are able to buy with all that money you got for selling us out. And, many will won't show to work on your campaigns. Why the hell would we?

You see, the American people may take a long time to learn a lesson, but once they really get it - you won't keep your power and neither will the Republicans.

The sell-outs will be primaried.

The cowards will be challenged by true democrats. And, all your calculations and selling out for the sole benefit of maintaining your own position in office and position of power, it will be for naught.

And, not only that, you will be forever remembered in the history books as sell-outs to greed and corporate fascism, instead of champions of the people.

You ignore your base (THE MAJORITY) at your own peril. And, betrayal on health care will not go unpunished.



09-19-2009, 02:22 PM
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Response to Original message
42. The Republicans just got the Democrats to cut their own throats.

They baited the Democrats into writing a bill that the Insurance Industry could only dream of, and then the Republicans didn't even vote for it. When all is said and done, the Democrats will use only Democratic votes to get this bill passed, while the Republicans will sit back and tell America how bad Democratic Health Care Reform will be. And you know what? Most people already see how bad it is.

And you know what else? The majority of people in this country will end up hating this fucking gift to the Insurance Industry and the Republicans will slap the Democrats in the face with it every chance they get.

The Great Chess Player just got his ass whipped in checkers by the Republicans, which will reap rewards for the Republicans in the coming years.

The Democrats in Washington just fucked the American People, and this alleged 'health care reform' is fucking pathetic! You dumb fucking bastards in Washington just signed your own pink slips and guaranteed that it will take the Democratic Party a very very long time to ever recover from your alleged 'health care reform.'

To all Democratic politicians and their minions... Good luck in 2010, 2012, etc. etc. When you fuck over your base, do not be surprised that your base is not motivated to get out and actually vote for YOU. Oh, and all those new voters... You just showed them who you really represent, and it isn't the American People, so do NOT ever count on that again.They're still delusional and think the majority of the people want the public option. The Dems will face the publics ire about this bill no matter whether it is like this or with the public option. I was going to say that they just don't get it, but I suspect they do and they don't care what anyone else wants.

09-19-2009, 02:23 PM
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5. You got it.
Your own peril is right. The Democratic Party is risking everything to appease the gop and blue dogs. Fail on healthcare and I and a lot of others will be voting 3rd party.

The delusional whacky Left at it's best!!!! :D