View Full Version : NY Times Contradicts Obama Claim that His Daughter was "Diagnosed with Meningitis" .

09-19-2009, 02:21 PM
"Anything to sell His Health Care Horror Show !"

Obama fudging personal health-care horror story?

Here is video showing that President Obama either misrepresented the facts in telling a personal story about his daughter Sasha having been "diagnosed with meningitis," or he simply did not know the facts. At any rate, the New York Times reported: In her speech, Mrs. Obama also told the story of how her daughter Sasha would not stop crying when she was 4 months old.

A doctor’s visit revealed she might have meningitis; she ultimately did not, but the illness produced a scare.

Thankfully, she did not have meningitis. But why would Obama say she was "diagnosed with meningitis." This is...