View Full Version : Gary Bauer Reminds Values Voters of Liberal "High-Tech Lynching" of Clarence Thomas

09-19-2009, 04:25 PM
"NAACP:Ya Gotta Be A liberal to Be A Real Blackman !"

Right Wing Watch: VVS - Gary Bauer Refights The Battle Over Clarence Thomas

Here is video of conservative Gary Bauer hammering liberals for their selective outrage on "race." Bauer reminded everyone how liberal Democrats treated Clarence Thomas during his confirmation hearings to the Supreme Court.

Bauer said the liberals are not "pro-Black." They are "pro-liberal blacks," as long as "they stay on the plantation." Below is video of Clarence Thomas firing back at his liberal inquisitors during the hearings . . . (VIDEOS)


09-19-2009, 04:44 PM
NAACP plans to protest talk by Clarence Thomas to kids .

President Bush appointed Thomas to the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington D.C. in 1990. When Thurgood Marshall retired in 1991, Bush decided to elevateThomas to the Supreme Court. Thomas' nomination met strong opposition from minority groups who opposed Thomas's conservative views on civil rights. Thomas weathered several days of questioning from the Democrat-controlled Senate Judiciary Committee. He was unwilling to express opinions about policies or approaches to constitutional interpretation. He maintained that he had never formulated a position on the controversial abortion decision, Roe v. Wade.

His questioners were unable to shake him. His nomination seemed assured when a last-minute witness, Professor Anita Hill, came forward with charges of sexual misconduct when she worked for Thomas ten years earlier. The nation seemed transfixed by the ensuing testimony of Hill, then Thomas, and a parade of corroborating witnesses who spoke to a national television audience, preempting afternoon soap operas and competing successfully for viewers against the World Series. After a marathon hearing to explore the Hill charges, the Committee failed to unearth convincing proof of Hill's allegations. The Committee reported the Thomas nomination to the full Senate without a recommendation. In the end, the Senate voted 52 to 48 to confirm Thomas's nomination to the High Court.

Since becoming a justice, Thomas has aligned closely with the far right of the Court. He votes most frequently on the same side as the conservative camp of Rehnquist and Scalia. When Thomas began his tenure on the Court, many observers perceived him as a junior version of Scalia. Since then, Thomas has emerged from Scalia's shadow offering hints at his own conservative thinking.