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09-19-2009, 04:57 PM
What this Socialist is doing is trying to remove all risk. If you're at all financially savvy, you know that any real money is made on either high-skilled labor or on risk! If your money is safe, you aren't going to make any real money on it..

When people hear this buffoon talking they don't realize that what he's trying to do is do away with the capitalist system that has made America great! There will always be losers-there has to be in order for there to be winners! There will always be broke people in a capitalist system, and that's what the spineless, stupid Liberals don't want.. They want everyone to enjoy the same standard of living, which, unfortunately, is poor.. They hate rich people (who aren't them or their family); they hate to see people get ahead on the backs of other people who didn't gamble the right way with their investments; they hate the fact that the middle class has and their base of mainly the poor and the rich don't have access to what the middle class has..

We have health insurance, so it's not big deal.. The poor don't have health insurance, so the rich think that's a big deal. The solution? Well, to take from us, of course, and spread the wealth around so that everyone has a little bit of something, but nobody has a good something.. Obama is trying to destroy capitalism because Obama's people that he's championed for his entire life and the poor can't get ahead in a capitalist society by and large, and he doesn't think they should go without just because they're too poor or lazy to earn and enjoy what we have.. Take the crimigrants, for example-they don't deserve anything less than a jail cell until they can be deported, but Obama wants to take from us and give to these criminals after bestowing upon them American citizenship!!!! it's a slap in the face to the Constitution and every person who came through Ellis Island or otherwise waited in line and took the test and paid the money and swore an oath to this country..

Anyway-here's the article:

Sept. 19 (Bloomberg) -- President Barack Obama said tougher financial regulations are needed worldwide to protect consumers, provide economic stability and prevent future crises.

With the leaders from the Group of 20 nations set to meet next week in Pittsburgh, Obama said in his weekly address on the radio and Internet that international cooperation has “stopped our economic freefall.”

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