View Full Version : “Warning lights are blinking for Democrats”

09-19-2009, 06:21 PM
amid a fierce conservative backlash against President Obama’s agenda, Democrats face an escalating challenge to defend those advances in 2010.


All signs show the momentum shifting toward Republicans in a region that has traditionally resisted the sort of assertive federal initiatives that Obama has offered on issues from the economic stimulus to health care.

… with Bush gone and Obama in the White House, warning lights are blinking for Democrats across the Mountain states. Five of the eight states ranked among the 10 where Obama’s job-approval ratings were lowest when Gallup combined the results of its daily tracking surveys through June;

at that point, the president’s approval rating was lower in Colorado than in any other state he carried last year. More-recent surveys have also recorded poor approval ratings for Ritter and Sen. Michael Bennet, the Denver school superintendent whom Ritter appointed earlier this year to serve the remainder of Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s Senate term.

Ritter is up for re-election next year; Bennet is expected to run for a full term. Meanwhile, in Nevada , Senate Majority Leader Reid, who’s also up for re-election in 2010, posted startlingly anemic numbers against his potential GOP challengers in a Las Vegas Review-Journal poll last month.

Obama’s problems, then, are both national and regional. His much touted health-care speech to the joint session turned out to be more white noise;

the small bounce he received from it has almost entirely dissipated. Since the speech, Democrats like Jimmy Carter and Nancy Pelosi have begun to lash out in ugly and reckless ways against Obama’s critics, making their party look even more angry, more out of touch, and more interested in creating distractions than in governing.

On top of that, my hunch is that Obama’s scraping of the missile-defense agreement the Bush administration negotiated with Poland and the Czech Republic will do a lot of damage—not just to American interests overseas but politically as well.