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09-21-2009, 12:47 AM
Signs you are definitely a racist

1. You have mild doubts about completeness of Obamaís bio;
2. You ever wondered why Obamaís school, college and disbarment records are sealed;
3. You donít think that feelings are more important than results;
4. You donít believe that anything bad that happened, happens
and will happen is Bushís fault;
5. You donít like your country being bankrupted;
6. You think that the claim that an increase in government spending
by a few trillions does not mean extra taxation is an insult to your intelligence;
7. You donít believe that 6-fold increase in money supply over a couple of months will not cause inflation;
8. Before signing any document you like to read it;
9. Obama threatened unemployment to be around 8% w/o a stimulus,
while with stimulus it was predicted to be under 8%.
Unemployment is now with stimulus around 10% and rising.
If you think that stimulus does not work and we donít need
a second one, you are, well, you knowÖ
10. You donít believe that a man with regular hearing can
listen to a man for 20 years straight w/o hearing what he said;
11. You think that 9/12 taxpayersí march gathered more than a few thousands people;
12. You think Obama lies to you (in this case you are also delusional);
13. You donít think that police acts stupidly;
14. You think that terrorists are someone other than returning US Army veterans;
15. You watch Fox News;
16. You listen to Glenn Beck;
17. You watch and listen instead of worshipping the Dear Leader;
18. When Obama bows to foreign potentates, you think you
saw what you saw;
19. You believe your own lying eyes;
20. You donít like betraying allies;
21. You donít think that the iPod with Obamaís speeches was the best gift British Queen could have from the American People;
22. You think the Churchillís bust, which symbolizes the
friendship between the US and England, has any place
in the White House;
23. You kind of prefer Carla Bruni to Michelle Obama;
24. You donít like sucking up and surrendering to the enemy;
25. You donít like economy taken over by the Government;
26. You donít like your life taken over by the Government;
27. You donít think that czar is an insignificant, midlevel position;
28. You donít like a communist and anti-American conspiracy nut in the AdministrationÖ

On the other hand, signs that you are a moron:

1. If Maureen Dowd and Jimmy Carter
donít think you are a racist; ....


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You forgot to add that if you're white, you're racist.