View Full Version : ABC News Radio news with: ACORN $1 million embezzlement story

09-21-2009, 12:35 PM
ABC News Radio Leading Top of the hour news with: ACORN $1 million embezzlement story

"Over a year late but it's a start .This story has been around for a while. BUT, it does lead straight to the Rathke brothers, which is good.

Just cover. Now when the rest of their coverage is 99.9% Leftist the frauds at ABC will squeal about how by doing this story they “proved” they are “objective”.

Well the good news for ABC is they won’t have to do any research on the story. Just have FOX send over the files and they can read the story out loud over the air!

Sounds like this is the one the Wall Street Journal's gonna break at noon today.
Obama’s national security force= “son of ACORN”?
The pledge
The plan
the action
June 09- Obama signs $6 billion bill expanding AMERICORPS (aka National Civilian Service Corps)