View Full Version : Obama: Hidden Agendas, Shadow Governments, and Dictatorships?

09-24-2009, 07:20 PM
The fight against this American dictator must continue and the first step is to uncover the secrets behind his czars. The second is to uncover the real and suspectedly very ugly story of Obama himself.

Cockroaches like Obama flee the burning truth of light. Let us see how badly the light of truth will burn Obama.

Some people believe the bi-racial (not black) American president has a hidden agenda. That belief is based on the facts that Obama is your basic slimy sales person. Many Americans, even those voted for Obama, no longer trust him.


First, online sources define dictatorship as a government that's controlled by a single person. I would further refine that definition to a single person who seeks to control and expand government's role into greater aspects of personal choice and freedom.

Our Constitution has always been a barrier against an individual leader or a government expanding it's authority into the areas of personal choice and freedom that our fore founders felt were critical.

Obama has said in the past that he does not respect the "boundaries of old" set by the Constitution to protect our freedoms.

He has said that the Constitution must change to the times, not dictates what the times can not be. By his own words, Obama has defined himself as a dictator.

A shadow government is a governing body that remains hidden in both agenda and from public view; that dictates to an actual government how to govern.

Obama has admitted to creating such a shadow government through his appointment of czars. These czars are appointed by Obama , paid government salaries and are not answerable to any other public authority.

The hold the power of the Presidency to enforce policy and law. As we saw with Van Jones, their agenda is socialism. It is not what the voters were voting for when they voted for Obama, it is his hidden agenda.

So those who opined from the beginning that Obama was a liar, and that he was promoting a hidden agenda are correct. Obama has stated that he does not respect the constitution, and he has treated the American public as if they were stupid.