View Full Version : If Sanctions Don't Work The First 1,000 Times, Try, Try Again

09-26-2009, 04:43 PM
Although Bejamin Netanyahu and Gordon Brown both had much longer distances to travel this week than President Obama, each managed to bring something along that POTUS didn’t: a pair of testicles.

After the revelation that Iran has been jerking the international community’s chain over nukes, it seemed like the perfect time for President Obama to feel safe engaging in a little meddling. Despite the offer of a loaner pair from Brown, Obama responded in classic fashion, hitting the New Revised Milquetoast Dictionary for a response that didn’t sound too, you know, leader-like.

There’s a discernible difference between a cautious approach to a whack-job like Ahmadinejad and a blathering non-approach that’s dressed up in a veil of diplomacy. We’re forever being told that this administration prefers negotiating with the Holocaust denier puppet leader of Iran. However, negotiations are nothing without leverage and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of it on our side. Especially with a president who can’t be unequivocal on the international stage unless he’s apologizing for his country.

The cap gun in the pockets of the West when it comes to Iran is sanctions. They were such a smashing success in Iraq, after all. They’ve certainly made Fidel Castro hop-to whenever we have wanted him to, right?

One of the greatest things about being Progressive is that you get to operate without any reference to history whatsoever. If you feel it in your heart, you’re good to go. No need to compare feelings and expectations to what’s actually happened. It’s the politics of Oprah.

Sanctions are such an iffy proposition that even the New York Times is questioning whether they can work in this case. There is a good discussion of both sides in this article. The “diplomacy at all costs” contributors are predicating a lot of what they say upon the purity of Iran’s intentions and whether it actually wants a warhead. Yeah…