View Full Version : "Obama's Chicago Olympics will be the biggest crime spree in American history"

09-29-2009, 07:52 PM
Pat Cadell (sp?) the polster was just on Bair's news show. According to Cadell, Obama is creating the biggest crime spree in American history by dragging the Olympics to Chicago.

Cadell notes that everyone involved locally is already either a convicted felon or one of Obama's crime syndicate of an administration, starting with Valerie Jarret.

Cadell states that the theft of government money for the Olympics will be in the hundreds of billions of dollars, all going to Obama and his crew.

He also notes that Chicago is not only bankrupt, but arguable the most violent, homicidal, and corrupt city in the country. Chicago has none of the stadiums and facilities needed to host the olympics. It DOES have the most corrupt and homicidal unions.


09-29-2009, 08:15 PM
Pele unfazed by Obama backing Chicago's bid

COPENHAGEN Brazilian soccer great Pele isn't worried President Barack Obama's star power could help Chicago win the bid for the 2016 Olympics at the expense of Rio de Janeiro.

Best of Pele

Rio is seen as a slight favorite ahead of Friday's vote by the International Olympic Committee, but Obama's decision to fly into Copenhagen for the final presentation could swing the ballot in Chicago's favor.

Madrid and Tokyo are the other candidates. However, Pele said Tuesday that Rio "doesn't compete with Obama. We are competing against Madrid, against Tokyo, against Chicago." The 68-year-old Pele pointed out that Rio is also bringing...