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09-29-2009, 08:26 PM
Not what you are thinking! :D (http://www.myabc50.com/entertainment/weirdnews/story/1-700-animals-found-in-trunk-of-car/eI93w8ksKUKVVtMDOEsoiA.cspx)

1,700 animals found in trunk of car!

A motorist is to be questioned by police after 1,700 animals were found crammed in the trunk of his car in Bari, Italy.

Police had pulled the car over for a routine inspection when they discovered 216 parakeets, 300 white mice, 150 hamsters, 30 Japanese squirrels, six chameleons, and more than 1,000 terrapins, a type of turtle.

All the animals were confiscated and passed to nearby zoos while police investigate the driver's links to rare and protected animal smuggling.

Police say the man planned on selling the terrapins for 20 euros each and one officer says "there is no doubt these poor animals were suffering."

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