View Full Version : President Obama - We've Got Questions

09-29-2009, 10:19 PM
Maybe the MSM should be asking these questions! (http://townhall.com/columnists/TerryPaulson/2009/09/29/president_obama_-_weve_got_questions?page=full&comments=true)


* What is your plan to pay for the increased cost of healthcare coverage for 46 million people?

* How can you justify putting more tax burdens on the top one percent of income earners when those 1.4 million taxpayers already pay more than that of the bottom 134 million combined?

* Can you name any government entitlement program whose cost has been less than the CBO estimated?

* With an Investors Business Daily poll indicating that 45% of doctors would consider leaving their practice or retiring early if your plan passes, where will the additional nurses or doctors come from to avoid adding to the wait or declining treatment?

* How will private insurance companies survive when they must accept all who apply no matter what their condition and face governmental price controls on what they can charge?

* What fail-proof method to verify citizenship will be required by any plan that receives government subsidies?

* If politicians and federal workers aren't forced to use "our" plan, will you let the rest of us use theirs?

* With healthcare in "crisis," will your plan start before your next election so that you can be held accountable for the results?

* If you expect to pay for the new plan by cutting waste, why not start with those cuts and work to support a bipartisan plan that could be passed around core principles Americans support before you add another expensive entitlement program we can't afford?

* After rushing through a stimulus bill to "save" our economy from crisis, why has your administration been so slow in putting those funds to work?

* With Mexico's President Felipe Calderon proposing to dismantle some government agencies to cut costs, what government departments or agencies would you suggest we eliminate in the face of our escalating deficit?

* Finally, since Congress wants to censure Rep. Wilson for calling you a liar, don't you think it's appropriate to censure Senator Charlie Rangel for tax evasion that would have sent any other American to jail?