View Full Version : Two Military Robots That Rival the Creepiest Sci-Fi Creatures

10-01-2009, 09:39 PM
Two Military Robots That Rival the Creepiest Sci-Fi Creatures

From Robocop to Terminator to Saturn 3, robots have had some bad press in sci-fi movies--particularly when given guns and assigned military roles. But that's all fiction. Here are two early prototypes of military bots that are really scary.

Little Dog

The first is a new version of Boston Dynamics astonishing, if incredibly loud, Big Dog robot. The original big beast is designed to be a semi-autonomous pack-horse to assist the soldier in the field--it can trot across almost any terrain, tackling the difficult surface conditions automatically. It even resists being kicked off-course.
When the design is finalized, it will be a lot more clever, and a lot more useful. Think of its potential for navigating its way into cramped and dangerous spaces after a natural disaster to look for survivors.

But it's also got innumerable military or covert police uses, including as an incredibly useful spying device--assuming it's quiet enough.

And anyone who remembers the Tom Selleck movie classic Runaway will no doubt think of its uses as a weapon--check out the spider bot in this clip.

Cyborg Beetles

Remote-controlled cybernetically tweaked animals have been a recurring idea in sci-fi novels. The military has tried to use animals for years as battlefield tools--though they weren't remote controlled. Everyone remembers the story of the mine-laying trained dolphins. But check out this creepy video: