View Full Version : Coulter, Behar Spar Over Palin: On Joy's new show .

10-02-2009, 01:42 AM
Coulter, Behar Spar Over Palin: On Joy's new show, still defending ex-gov and railing on Obama

Joy Behar broke out the big guns for the premiere of her new CNN interview show: Ann Coulter. The two sparred over the so-called “death panels” and Sarah Palin’s level of coherence before finding common ground: The UN should be moved to Libya.


* Sarah Palin “got audiences bigger than Obama,” Coulter said. “Well, she’s prettier,” Behar retorted.

“She’s more coherent,” Coulter said, but Behar shut her down: “The woman cannot construct a sentence. Nobody understands what she’s talking about.”

* “The government was paying doctors to have the ‘end of life discussion’ with old people,” Coulter said. “If you’re paying doctors, you’re giving them incentive to have the chit-chat. Democrats were embarrassed enough that they pulled it from the bill—and all because of one little Twitter by Sarah Palin. That’s a powerful woman.”