View Full Version : Rasmussen Poll Ė 42% Agree With a Randomly Selected Congress

10-03-2009, 04:47 AM
42% of voters agree that people randomly selected from a phone book would do a better job in Congress than the current Congress.

It is time to flush the corruption out of Congress.
Itís time to vote out the career politicians who are destroying America. It is time to run non political candidates for Congress. Should we take our country back by replacing career politicians in Congress with common citizens? Cast your vote:
The Coming Revolution

There will be a revolution in 2010, a peaceful revolution, a revolution by voters using their ballots as ammunition. The country has had enough of the dishonesty and corruption in Congress. The country has had enough of dishonest career politicians in Congress. No matter the political party empowered the results are the same; corruption, dishonesty, immorality and arrogance rule the day.

Most career politicians are lawyers and these lawyers are no different than all the other lawyers who think with their wallets instead of their common sense. Their goals of self enrichment override their desire to do whatís right for America.

If voters continue to vote for career politicians little will change and once again votes will be wasted on false campaign promises. Itís time to make our votes count by electing non career politicians to serve our country.

Itís time to put common folks who care about our country in office. Itís time to offer voters a choice without limiting their choices to wealthily scoundrels who buy their way onto ballots and into office. Itís time to offer voters candidates who will truly clean up the mess in Congress.snip


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