View Full Version : General Sir David Richards: 'We can't afford to lose the war in Afghanistan'

10-04-2009, 06:47 PM
General Sir David Richards a 57-year-old father-of-two and keen amateur historian is in buoyant mood.

Settling down for his first interview since being appointed Chief of the General Staff in August, he leans back in a grey leather armchair in his private office, overlooking the river Thames on the fifth floor of the Ministry of Defence's headquarters, and points at a television screen.

According to a news headline, Gordon Brown is now "open-minded" on troop increases in Afghanistan. SNIP "Taliban and al-Qaeda know that the conflict will not be lost in Afghanistan, it will be lost in Britain,..


10-04-2009, 06:50 PM
There are a whole lot of things we can't afford to do that should have bean thought about before we put an idiot socialist in the most powerful position in the world!

10-04-2009, 08:53 PM
There are a whole lot of things we can't afford to do that should have bean thought about before we put an idiot socialist in the most powerful position in the world!
It was bound to happen eventually .America has changed and we are now partially populated by a 'new' people who don't want to be 'real 'Americans but are here only for the opportunity .

Our schools have been corrupted by a Socialistic, GODLESS,Multicultural,Money grubbing teachers unions capable of only demanding every dollar they can and giving it to their Liberal Political Brethren in exchange for special laws and privileges enabling they to grab even more money and power.

If you think that ACORN is a racket you ain't seen nothing Compared to the NEA that Carter built.Our public school children are uneducated and pumped out the door dumb and viscous being used only to fatten union coffers and feather the retirement checks of the teachers.

Not all of the teachers are like their political masters but the good teachers are in the minority .Out of fodder such as these how can we expect America to survive.

They ,the good teachers,have little choice in the school systems across the country and must join the unions to be employed in all states having had their Political friends pass that requirement as law.

With every incompetent,corrupt,Idiotic President we have had a little bit more of America dies and is lost forever.America has been dying for a long time starting with FDR or even before that .

We have had weak presidents like Nixon,Kennedy,Carter and Clinton or strong like Reagan and GW Bush .

All have left their mark on America.We have been on a steady decline of late with the present president by far the most incompetent of them all .

There have been a few exceptions and pauses in the process and for the most part I find that men of honor sometimes come into power in the White House but damn few lately.My favorite president is Harry Truman of fond memory. He wasn't as great a president as Washington, Jefferson or Madison but he was a great man .Great presidents are made by their responses to great challenges and how well they serve the people's and America's interests.

Truman like Washington was thrust into a great conflict upon coming into office.Washington with a new country and against an almost insurmountable enemy right at his door.Given the situation at the time of America's founding and Washington's amazing victory's it is easy for me at least to see GODS hand in America's founding.

Truman with a full war raging against our country and having been kept out of the line of command by an powerfull and vain boss having had to make an uninformed monumental life or death decision at the onset of his term finally destroying our hated enemy and winning the war .

10-04-2009, 09:15 PM
You are right! The key problem is education. They own our schools and our children!