View Full Version : Senate Giant Killer Sees New Victim: "Dirty Harry" Reid

10-05-2009, 08:44 AM
Senate Giant Killer Sees New Victim: Reid

The Republican who ousted the Democratic leader of the Senate in 2004 says Harry Reid finds himself in a similar predicament of representing a conservative-leaning state but leading a liberal party. Sen. John Thune made Senate history when he unseated Sen. Tom Daschle by exploiting the gap between Mr. Daschle’s interests in Washington and those of his home state of South Dakota. That’s exactly where Mr. Reid, the Senate majority leader, is now, he said.

"In the case of Senator Daschle, he was leading a left-of-center caucus and representing a right-of-center state — it was very difficult to reconcile those two," Mr. Thune told The Washington Times. "I know that Senator Reid will work very hard over the course of the next several months to convince his voters in Nevada that he's still very connected to them and in touch, but I think that the perception that he's got to overcome is that he is leading a left-of-center caucus in Washington that's trying to do all these things with which they disagree."

Mr. Reid's falling approval ratings have led political analysts to declare his 2010 re-election bid a tossup. Recent polls have him trailing at least two possible GOP challengers.

"Anything's possible, and we have to assume that race is going to be competitive," Mr. Thune said.

Mr. Thune, a former three-term House member, has earned a reputation as a rising GOP star among the upper chamber. The affable Midwesterner has been a fierce critic of government spending throughout President Obama's first term — during the debate over the stimulus bill, he routinely noted that one could spend $1 million each day since the birth of Jesus and still not match the plan's $787 billion price tag.