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10-05-2009, 05:31 PM
For Women, Sex and Happiness Go Hand-in-Hand

By Jeanna Bryner, Senior Writer

posted: 05 October 2009 08:18 am ET

Women who are sexually satisfied are also happier, no matter their age, a new study suggests. It's not clear which causes the other, however.

You might be thinking, "Duh, better sex makes for a better mood." But in science, thinking something is true doesn't make it so. "A lot of the things we make assumptions about have never been documented," said study researcher Susan Davis of the Women's Health Program at Monash University, Australia.

While some might claim to have known a lady's sex life can affect her quality of life, Davis says the link is not always taken seriously. As such, when a guy cries "erectile dysfunction," doctors are quick with prescriptions and advice. But, the researchers point out, a woman's sexual desire, and lack thereof, may garner quizzical stares or even a "Who cares," Davis said.

Among the things scientists do know about women and sex: Women's most common complaints involve sexual desire and interest, as well as pleasure and satisfaction, the researchers say. The problems are often attributed to women's busy schedules (and so sex becomes another "task"); discontent with their own bodies; unwillingness to ask for what they want in bed; and other factors. At the end of the day, some women just settle for mediocre sex.

Whether boosting a women's sexual pleasure has any impacts beyond the bedroom has remained less clear, scientifically speaking.

The new study, detailed in the October issue of the Journal of Sexual Medicine, suggests there is, in fact, a strong connection.

Strengths and weaknesses

The study does have its limitations, including CONTINUED (http://www.livescience.com/culture/091005-women-well-being.html)

10-05-2009, 06:06 PM
"The problem with interpreting this finding is that it is impossible to determine if dissatisfied women had lower well-being because they were sexually dissatisfied, or if the reverse is true, such that women who started with lower well-being tended to secondarily have sexual dissatisfaction," said lead researcher Sonia Davison, also of Monash's Women's Health Program.

And that's pretty big problem. While I think good sex is really fun, more and more articles seem to be pressuring women to have unrealistically high expectations about sexual satisfaction and performance.

Women aren't men and their sexual response isn't as simple. The last thing the average woman needs is to drag yet another "expert" into her life who will attempt to impose yet another physical standard on her.