View Full Version : BREAKING: Senate GOP (May Be) Folding Over Health Care Reform

10-07-2009, 09:01 PM
A week ago (at my place) I posted what was being tossed around as a "well placed source" tip...That Government-Run Health Care by Next Thursday (http://allsidespoliticalforums.com/main/index.php?topic=12341.0) was a possibility. The jist of it is this: A generic bill will be passed without any health-care provision at all. Then, the health-care bill will be added to it, as an amendment. This allows bypass of the 60 vote mandate, and the dems get their way.

Well folks....Thursday is tomorrow, and the rumblings are that the senate GOP may be folding.
Here's the scoop from Red State (http://www.redstate.com/erick/2009/10/07/breaking-senate-gop-folding-over-health-care-reform/):

I am told quite reliably that in a meeting today on Capitol Hill, Republican Senators began to rapidly move toward concessions on health care because they are afraid they cannot hold their members. Some Republicans are now thinking of supporting a government program.
Make sure you click the Red State link, to gain access to their embedded links in the piece.
Here's one that may help you to find the correct contact info for your congress person and senator:


Are we shocked that those in Washington continue to ignore us? No - or at least, we shouldn't be.
Do we continue to rally, just as we did during the August Uprising (http://allsidespoliticalforums.com/main/index.php?topic=11922.0), finally participating in the role every citizen of this country is meant to fill? Yes....and not just Yes....HELL YES! - Many many times over! (http://allsidespoliticalforums.com/main/index.php?board=116.0)

We remain a tired and angry lot. A sacred trust has been betrayed (http://allsidespoliticalforums.com/main/index.php?topic=11986.0). But hell hath no fury like a constituent scorned, and we need to stay informed and stay involved!

Our system of government was written for a people that remain actively involved in the goings-on of governmental affairs, at every level!
We cannot continue to pull the lever, punch the ballot or make our mark, and then walk out for a few years, trusting that things will be ok.

Things haven't been ok for a long time, and we should all know it by now.
They continually ignore our emails, faxes, phone calls and letters.
They REFUSE to be held accountable, while spending our tax money like it's theirs to take and never look back.
Yet WE THE PEOPLE are the ones with the constitutionally guaranteed reigns of power, and WE THE PEOPLE need to act like it!

The time is now!
Hold them accountable....On anything and everything, but for right now, hold them accountable to their actions and votes on health-care.
If we allow them to control our health...They get to control nearly every aspect of our lives from then on.

Don't let them do it!
If we don't win this one....We could potentially suffer for a long long time, and our elders and children alike will suffer the most.

The mid-terms are coming up next year, and 1 day after that will be the start of the 2012 presidential election! If we can't stop this one, we WILL advance in another direction and make ourselves ready for at least the next 2 election cycles. Our candidates will need volunteers and money, as well as guidance from those of us who can make or break their political careers.

If you haven't been keeping track of everything they've done to us since obama took office....you'd better start now.
In truth, they've been doing this crap to us for quite a long time, long before barack obama came onto the scene.
But - you'll need a good memory when the next 2 election cycles come around, because the party in control will be in full spin mode.

Spread the word!