View Full Version : Surprising GOP Wins in New Mexico,"Just The Beginning!"

10-08-2009, 03:14 AM
Liz Mair notices that for the first time in decades, the GOP is winning races in Albuqureque, New Mexico.

She points out that New Mexico is home to the ‘Richardson formula’ for victory by Democrats: pose as a greenish, pro-gun, socially moderate fiscal conservative. That formula has yielded victory for Democrats in much of the region. But has it become harder to keep that image, at a time when Obama is the face of the party?

Albuquerque is the biggest city in New Mexico and sits in New Mexico’s first congressional district– one that has been regarded as a top target to hold/take by both parties in recent years (Democrat Martin Heinrich currently represents it, having been elected with a respectable, but not huge margin in 2008; previously it was held by Republican Heather Wilson who was very narrowly re-elected in 2006)– so when Republicans win in the city, it arguably denotes a shift in power that could have further, national ramifications…

The Mountain West should be a place to watch because of the prevalence of libertarian-ish views there,

which marry up nicely with Republican espousal of fiscal restraint– as well as apparent Democratic Party rifts and strong anti-incumbent sentiment. Back in August, Obama’s slide in some Mountain West states, including notably Colorado, which he won in 2008, was apparent. It will be interesting to see the effects of what currently looks like a cocktail of bad news for Democrats this time next year. If things continue on their current trajectory, I wouldn’t want to be a Democrat running in the Rocky Mountains region.