View Full Version : He's good to go: Catheter won't cost 81-year-old marathoner his victory

10-08-2009, 07:48 PM
Borrowing and using a catheter during a race should not cause even a wee bit of trouble, meaning that the 81-year-old age-division winner in Sunday's Twin Cities Marathon avoids disqualification, officials said this morning.

After a one-day review, race organizers said that Jerry Johncock did not break the rules regarding in-race assistance when he left the course and borrowed a spectator's catheter. He had it inserted into his bladder by official medical personnel near Mile 21 on East River Road in St. Paul, allowing him to urinate and be on his way.

Johncock, of Gun Lake in southwestern Minnesota, said he had a blood clot that was preventing him from urinating and causing him discomfort..

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