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10-09-2009, 03:41 PM
"OMG the Poor Liberals Are Being Picked On And Poor POTUS is Being Called a 'Hitler' !

Hasn't This Been Done Before By The Liberals Too the Former POTUS G.W. Bush ?"

"Now You Say You're Sorry .Well You Can Cry Me A River,I Cried A River Over You !"

-- We are witnessing a wingnut war break out in American politics, organized on the Internet and fought out in airwaves and in town halls, wingnuts firing their shots from the outer reaches and strafing the common sense center....
......... "By calling us 'WingNuts 'Does He Mean To Insult Us ?"

Look beyond the sober skeptics and the principled opposition to President Obama, and you'll find an ugly fringe festival cultivating the wounds left by the 2008 campaign and pouring gasoline on the embers of the culture wars.

As the two parties become more ideologically polarized, the fringe is now blurring with the base while the moderate majority feels increasingly politically homeless.

A culture of extremism is in danger of gaining acceptance.

We've become almost used to the escalating tone -- comparisons of the president to Adolf Hitler now seem unremarkable, part of the contemporary political scenery.

In a CNN.com profile of the Tea Party Express, lead speaker Deborah Johns is quoted as saying, "The men and women in our military didn't fight and die for this country for a communist in the White House!" while the Louisville, Kentucky, crowd chants "U-S-A, U-S-A!" This ugly scene was unremarked on -- hopefully because the insanity spoke for itself.

Since I started the "Wingnut of the Week" segment on CNN's "American Morning," each week has given us multiple contenders for the ring of dishonor from the far right and far left. But lately, it has gotten improbably worse.

In the last week, Arizona Rep. Trent Franks called President Obama "an enemy of humanity" in his speech at the "How to Take Back America Conference" (where one workshop was called "How to Recognize Living under Nazis & Communists").That's not all: A former White House speechwriter posted a call on the conservative Web site Newsmax for the president to be deposed in a military coup. It was quickly taken down, but the damage was done.

The civility is dying in part because the permanent campaign pursued by incumbent presidents to sell the American people on their agenda is being met with a new innovation: the permanent opposition campaign.There is no presidential honeymoon and no national unity in this new view.There is no assumption of goodwill or responsible governance from the president of a different party.

Opposition is now "resistance" and politics is an ideological blood sport between not just right and left, but good and evil. And so any president with an opposing view is an enemy -- and the ugliness emerges.

President Bush was subjected to many of these same attacks from the far left -- "Bush = Hitler" signs and being called a domestic terrorist. But there is a more widespread fury and fervor being directed at Obama in far less time.

There is a recipe that keeps being repeated -- a wingnut claim is posted on a fringe Web site and gets passed around. It gets reiterated on talk radio, and then talk radio comments bubble up to the grassroots with signs at protests echoing the claims.Eventually some far-right or far-left elected official repeats, playing to the base while venting their spleen. It makes news not only because of the statements' outrageousness, but because it crystallizes the crazy that is going on in our politics.