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10-12-2009, 12:17 AM
A Clip from The Patriot
"Words That Could Be Repeated Today."

Patriot - Mel Gibson - Best Clip 2/3


You canít help having a feeling of Patriotism in you while watching that movie.

I spent my day today in Jamestown and Yorktown. There were several times when I was reading the placards and looking at the displays that I was reminded of the sacrifices that the early settlers made just to establish and maintain life in the colonies that would eventually become America.

I saw how the Continental Army lived while fighting for the country in Yorktown and the crude surgical instruments, tents and supplies that kept them alive.

I spent 20 years in the USMC myself and when I see the sacrifice that others have made, and continue to make, so that selfish people can continue to feel entitled to any crazy idea that pops into their minds, it makes me sad.

Where has the overwhelming sense of Patriotism that helped to found this country and later free it from British tyranny gone?

Yes, it was here for a short time following WWI, WWII, Desert Storm and on 9/12 - as well as other times in our history such as the moon landing and the cold war victory - but it again seems to have been drowned out by that shrill voice of those that are focused on the desires of the individual and not on the greater good of the country.

I feel like we really need to have an Patriotic awakening in this country and focus once more on what makes us America. We need to vote out those that no longer want to be American in value or action make this country a shining example of democracy in the world.
A good book is Paul Revereís Ride.
Hereís the link.
One point made early in the book was how Gen Gage received criticism for not rounding up the leaders.

He explained to his superiors it wasnít that simple. He could round them all up tonight, and within hours they would be replaced by just as many again.

ďThe revolt isnít about a few leaders, he wrote(paraphrasing here) he said itís the whole lot of them!Ē

That book is an excellent record of the beginnings and makes a point that Paul Revere was far from being alone that night. There was a whole multitude of people working together as one.