View Full Version : Pensioner 'left to die in hospice after doctors wrongly diagnosed him with cancer'

10-12-2009, 09:36 PM
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A grandfather who beat cancer was wrongly told the disease had returned and left to die at a hospice which pioneered a controversial 'death pathway'.Doctors said there was nothing more they could do for 76-year-old Jack Jones, and his family claim he was denied food, water and medication except painkillers. He died within two weeks.

But tests after his death found that his cancer had not come back, and he was in fact suffering from pneumonia brought on by a chest infection.

His widow Pat has been paid an 18,000 settlement although health bosses refused to admit liabilityTo his family's horror, they were told he could have recovered if he'd been given the correct treatment.

Today, after being given an 18,000 pay-out over her ordeal, his widow Pat branded his treatment 'barbaric' and accused the doctors of manslaughter.

Mr Jones was being cared at a hospice which was central to the contentious Liverpool Care Pathway under which dying patients have their life support taken away, although the hospice claims it wasn't officially applied in his case.

The scheme is now used by hundreds of hospitals and care homes, and is followed in as many as 20,000 deaths a year.