View Full Version : Graham Jeered, Asked When He Will Join Specter

10-14-2009, 08:50 AM
The People are Beginning to Demand Paul-Like Reps. [Graham jeered, asked when he will join Specter]

If there's anything Lindsey Graham does for the Republican party, it's that he reminds his constituents that political principles are more important than winning. In these videos, Graham simply has no shame as he continues to defy principle for compromise in the name of "winning."

Question to Graham - Why do you think its necessary to get in bed with John Kerry? GVL 12OCT09

Since when did morality become all about´╗┐ winning? Regardless, the last time I checked Mr. Moderate John McCain didn't exactly excite voters in last year's presidential race other than to vote against Democrats. Honestly, I'd rather have one Republican in office who actually stood behind the Constitution than a super majority made up of two...