View Full Version : Michelle Malkin: Obamas Attack Operations a Sign of "Weakness and Insecurity"

10-15-2009, 09:24 AM
Michelle Malkin Says Obama Attack Operations Against Opponents a Sign of "Weakness and Insecurity" - Video 10/14/09

Here is video of Michelle Malkin talking to Sean Hannity last night where she said the White House is now targeting the insurance industry because they have "dared to say the obvious" about the impact ObamaCare will have on the cost of private health care for Americans.

Malkin said Obama is using the "Chicago Way" in targeting all of their enemies, including against Fox News. The "stifling of dissent" is how Obama has chosen to deal with anyone who is seeking to get in the way of his agenda.

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Malkin also said that Anita Dunn's (White House Communications Director) husband has been a hatchet man for Obama in going after those who opposed him during the 2008 campaign