View Full Version : Rush should make CNN an offer it can't refuse

10-21-2009, 07:50 AM
CNN just keeps embarrassing itself. Oddly enough, Rush Limbaugh could help them out, while doing himself a little good at the same time.

Talk radio: Who's listening? 4:14
CNN's Carol Costello examines the psychology behind the talk radio phenomenon.


Following close on its much-derided ‘fact checking' of an SNL skit poking fun at President Obama, and the humiliating pat-on-the-head it got as an Obama administration-certified legitimate news organization, CNN has now queried a psychiatrist as to why folks listen to conservative talk radio, especially Rush Limbaugh. CNN's Carol Costello interviewed psychiatrist Gail Saltz. (Video courtesy of Breitbart. Watch it!)

The premise that one should ask a shrink, in seeking to find out why folks listen to Rush and others, is revealing of a certain mindset. Why ask a specialist in mental disorders to comment on something that is not a disorder? CNN is looking for validation of their existing prejudice that there is something at least mildly pathological about listening to Rush. The video is unintentionally funny as it offers a partial answer to why talk radio is dominated by conservatives, one that is missed by CNN's Costello.

The four minute segment features talk radio listener Ira Wagler, who tells the story of how he came to be interviewed on his own blog. The video points out that on the day of filming Ira had listened to about eight hours of right wing talk radio. They show him doing so while driving his vehicle and while in his office, where he works as general manager of a pole building company. Near the end of the report, Costello says that talk radio listeners are more affluent than average.


10-21-2009, 01:35 PM
Costello would get more interesting results if her efforts were targeted at the truly insane---------Liberals.