View Full Version : Where's the health-care bill?

10-21-2009, 08:34 AM
Documents don't seem very important to this administration or this Congress.

It seems Congress is about to approve a health-care "reform" bill without actually reading it or even more unusually without actually writing it.The idea, apparently, is to railroad through Congress a piece of non-existent legislation.

After all, who can object to a bill that hasn't yet been written? When someone objects to provisions of the legislation, you can always say, "That's not in the bill." And, of course, you would be right. Nothing's in the bill. The bill doesn't exist. It will be written after approval.

It's ingenious, when you think about it strictly from a power politics perspective. However, it is so unimaginably unethical, illegal, immoral and anti-American, it literally staggers the imagination.

But that's what House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid plan to do.

Already, the non-written version of this bill comes with a Congressional Budget Office price tag of $829 billion. I suspect it will cost much more like your freedom. But it's nice to know they can actually estimate costs without seeing actual legislation. Maybe they are factoring in savings on the cost of paper on which the bill would normally be printed.

Go "green" and let the world know what really needs recycling in 2010 with the magnetic bumper sticker: "Recycle Congress"One thing we do know about this non-bill: It projects savings on health careby penalizing doctors who order too many tests.

How much is too many? Well, I guess Dr. Barney Frank will make those decisions. Certainly he has a better perspective on this than your own doctor.
But, again, it's all speculation. The devil is always in the details, as they say. And it's the details that are being kept secret even from members of Congress.