View Full Version : Daily Outrage Publishes 17 Obama Cartoons .

07-22-2008, 05:43 PM
Daily Outrage Publishes 17 Obama Cartoons .


Got the following e-mail from the Daily Outrage: We're proud to present you with 17 cartoons specially commissioned for the Daily Outrage! Check them out at http://www.dailyoutrage.com/archive.php?story_id=56 Here are some sample titles. Send your favorites to a friend! OBAMA LEADS NEW POLITBURO! GUILTY WHITES ELECT OBAMA! MCCAIN - ALWAYS PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN! MICHELLE "ASHAMED TO BE AN AMERICAN" OBAMA! OBAMA GOES TO MEETING WITH JACKSON! OBAMA PRACTICES HIS FRENCH! IF HE WASN'T BLACK, THIS CANDIDACY WOULD BE A JOKE WE LOVE OBAMA - HE'S PRETTY AND YOUNG WHO CARES...