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10-31-2009, 01:43 AM
Not WND (http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/137262/Uproar-as-fanatics-go-on-march-for-sharia-law-in-UK)

By Cyril Dixon

A MUSLIM march to promote sharia law in Britain looked set to end in violence today after rival demonstrators bombarded its hardline organisers with death threats.Muslims and violence, politics and corruption, you always have one with the other.The words "peaceful Islam" are, as we all know, an oxymoron.

London braced itself for clashes as the radical group Islam4UK claimed its enemies on the far right had threatened to disrupt their demo with violent attacks."Far right" - UK slang term for anyone who dares argue with the Religion of Peace™

The Muslim fanatics are planning a massive march through the city as part of a campaign to bring the fundamental legal system to the UK.If you can call sharia a "law"....a "law" that says if a woman is raped, she should be stoned to death.

But they said they were forced to change the route after hundreds of alleged threats from the British National Party and the English Defence League."alleged"..as in they're making this up, Race card anyone?

Last night the BNP denied its members had made threats and the EDL says it is simply holding its own demonstrations in London and Leeds.As is their right.

But the presence of bitter political opponents in crowded city centres was bound to create a flashpointThen maybe cancel the march, accept that there is only ONE law in Britain and go home?

No? Then expect people to be pissed off when the religion of peace™ and its proponents, none of whom support the idea of the very freedoms they abuse, march through what was once the lion of freedom (no more), crying for the introduction of a form of "law" that is one step above barbarity...and I am being generous.

In another Central London event, moderate Muslims were planning a demo to show Islam is a peaceful religion.In a phone booth.

Islam4UK spokesman Anjem Choudary said they had been forced to change a previously well-publicised route through Westminster. They chose a secret location to avoid “credible” threats from right-wingers....whilst, of course, not providing any proof of these threats....

He said: “We are not a military organisation. We do not want to get involved in a physical confrontation. The main reason why we are relocating the march is because of the number of death threats and bomb threats we have received.Received or made? Islam, of course, being well known for its tolerance, kindness, patience and compassion......:rolleyes:

“We could take this with a pinch of salt but there are people out there – hooligans – who will get drunk and try to attack us. You cannot dismiss any kind of threats when many of our members will be there with women and children.”Your concern for women and children is touching...of course, we're talking MUSLIM women and children, infidels and "kuffar" of course being fair game and legitimate targets.....

The same women and children who are forced to pay twice in one of your perverted sharia law courts what a man does, because their word has to be corroborated?

The same women who are beaten, stoned, and murdered in "honour killings"? The same women who are treated as second class or third class citizens, or property by the third century obscenity you call " sharia law"?


Outlining their aims, Mr Choudary, who is Britain’s chief sharia law judge, said they wanted the system for everyone. He dismissed criticism that the system imposes draconian penalties such as the stoning to death of unfaithful women.
Religion of peace...MY ASS....

The British-born former law student also predicted that sharia would be introduced “in our lifetime” – possibly as soon as 10 years.Rule Britannia...no more....

Islam was the fastest-growing religion and Islam4UK road shows across the country had converted hundreds of people, he claimed. “If it happens in the next decade or in the next 50 years, that is something that you can’t predict,” he said.I can predict this. Australia may have its faults, but we will NEVER enact sharia law here.

“There is a tsunami of conversion. We are not going to make everyone become Muslims but people have the right to know there are alternatives.”Yeah...there are two options....convert or die.

He said an Islamic flag will fly from Nelson’s Column, Trafalgar Square will become a place for Muslim worship, and table dancing clubs such as Stringfellows would become Islamic schools for women.

Punishments for breaching Islamic law would include public lashings and limbs would be amputated for serious offences such as theft.Can't you just feel the love?

He added: “We will not stop with this march. We will call upon Gordon Brown to give the authority to the leaders of the legal system to implement sharia law and we call upon the Queen to give up playing God.” After that, exiled preacher Omar Bakri Mohammed delivered a 15-minute speech in a live telephone link from the Lebanon.Good Lord...BT actually came up with a working telephone line? :eek:

Bakri, who was banned from Britain in a crackdown on hate preachers after the 7/7 attacks, said Muslims should remain separate. “We are living in a society which has man-made law. We don’t want ourselves to be integrated into the man-made system,” he saidThe ban, obviously, didnt extend to him not being able to make broadcasts....great work, guys....:rolleyes:

Patrick Mercer, Tory MP and ex- Army officer, described Choudary’s plans as “extremely distasteful”. He added: “If anyone thinks those views are a step forward they are seriously deluded. They are repellent and repulsive.” Last night Scotland Yard said it was aware of the radicals’ march and six counter-protests in London but had not been told of a change of route.

A spokesman added: “Without full details of what the group are planning it is hard for police to put in place an operation that allows the protest to go ahead while minimising the potential disruption to everyone else in central London wanting to go about their business as normal.”The idea of arresting the jerk and throwing him out of the country is obviously not something anyone would have thought of.....?

EDIT: The newspaper in question has DISABLED the comments section. I wonder why.....:rolleyes:

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10-31-2009, 02:04 AM
This will end in a world war some day, Unless Christians just disappear by being out breed!

10-31-2009, 05:20 AM
It will be the Crusades all over again.. They should have just opened fire on the pigs with 7.62 rounds.... The message needs to be sent that this shit needs to stop.. They are emboldened by our cowardice.

10-31-2009, 09:17 AM
Update: March cancelled (http://gatesofvienna.blogspot.com/2009/10/choudary-has-second-thoughts-about.html)

However, Islam4UK abruptly announced this evening that it had canceled the march. Needless to say, it was all the fault of violent racist extreme right-wing infidels:Rightttt.....

We would also like to announce that there will be an exciting Islamic Roadshow which will be taking place as a replacement to the March4Shariah, on 31st October 2009. This event will be at an undisclosed location, however if any member of the public would like to attend or enquire about it they are advised to contact Anjem Choudary, UK Head of Al-Muhajiroun and Principal Lecturer at the London School of Shariah....