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11-02-2009, 12:47 PM
Today, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) and the RNC itself must be held-up in a corner of some remote cave, licking their political wounds.

And let's not forget Newt Gingrich (http://hotair.com/archives/2009/10/20/gingrich-on-endorsing-scozzafava-i-know-im-right/)....Who shocked conservative circles around the country when he endorsed Dede Scozzafava in the NY-23 congressional race. Scozzafava, who even by modern definitions is so left of center that she barely falls into the category of "RINO", was endorsed by all the above...Newt, the NRCC, the NRSC and Michael Steele of the RNC. As Michelle Malkin (http://michellemalkin.com/2009/10/27/yes-newt-the-gop-should-be-purged-of-left-wing-saboteurs/) put it:

Scozzafava isn’t just “anybody who doesn’t agree with us 100 percent.”

She’s an ACORN-Friendly, Big Labor-Backing, Tax-and-Spend, Margaret Sanger Award-Winning Radical in GOP Clothing (http://michellemalkin.com/2009/10/16/an-acorn-friendly-big-labor-backing-tax-and-spend-radical-in-gop-clothing/) — a left-wing saboteur (http://michellemalkin.com/2009/10/27/look-what-scozzafavas-favorite-acorn-front-group-is-up-to-now/) who seeks to marginalize mainstream conservatism with conservatives’ own money.

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I wonder if Scozzafava's endorsement of the democrat (http://www.redstate.com/erick/2009/11/01/scozzafava-throws-support-to-the-democrat/) still in the running against Doug Hoffman finally taught the supposed GOP leadership a lesson?

Let's hope so...Because the "Scozzafava Affair" has become a modern-day version of "The Shot Heard 'Round The World" for the GOP establishment.

No longer will we blindly accept the crap you're shovelin'!
No longer will we embrace and mimic (even to a small degree) the stances and ideology of the left, in order to bring those who claim they are "moderate" into the "big tent" of the GOP.

No sir...No Ma'am!
That ends here.

And the rebuilding begins....Now!
If you're not going to pony-up and lead the party by effectively communicating politically conservative ideology to the voting populace, then get out of the way, and let "nature" take its course! We'll pick the leaders, campaign for them, donate time and money to them, and tell YOU to support them! Remember, that's how this "game" is supposed to be played?!

Newt had it all wrong on Scozzafava.
We can no longer look at charts and statistics and say "well, this candidate more closely represents what the numbers indicate as being the political make-up of their district (or state)". Forget the numbers. Forget the charts. Forget the stats. Why not try what works....Actual politically conservative ideals!

I shouldn't have to list these, but I will:

-Lower taxes
-Less government
-More individual freedom

I could go on, but I think the point is made.

If the "Tea Parties" did one thing for the conservative (and moderate) voting population in this country, it allowed civic-minded people of all ages and backgrounds to get a refresher course on just how our system of government is supposed to work. It allowed them to see that things haven't been right for a long long time, and obama is but a small cog in the huge "wheel" of a political machinery gone wrong. No no...This voter angst has been building for quite some time, and obama and those who share his ideology simply provided the "steam" needed to finally awaken the "conservative giant" from its fitfull slumber.

Those "Tea Parties" and townhall events are political "pressure valves", where those who are tired of being ignored, belittled, and betrayed by most elected officials in Washington, can give voice to their concerns, frustrations and calls for action!

Even before a ballot is cast in the November 2009 elections, the "Scozzafava Affair" will go down in history as being the "warning shot" put across the "bow" of the supposed GOP "leadership".

For those within GOP "leadership" positions or PAC's...Take the hint....
This is only the beginning.

We're paying attention.
We're marking the time.
And we vote...According to conservative ideals, and not those of our supposed leadership. And the more you castigate those who even lean to the right for not doing as you say, the more you'll prove yourselves unworthy of the votes and money you cannot operate without.

Can you hear us now?
Dede Scozzafava can....

11-02-2009, 02:50 PM
This is why no matter what the Democrats will stay in power. It's this kind of crap that is causing the Republicans to lose their base.

Constitutionally Speaking
11-02-2009, 03:13 PM
This is why no matter what the Democrats will stay in power. It's this kind of crap that is causing the Republicans to lose their base.

I don't think so in this case. This was an election without a primary and given that Hoffman is polling at @51%, it seems that the RINOS might finally receive the message we conservatives have been sending for the last decade. Conservative candidates win. It also sends the message to not send us any more left wing candidates and expect us to vote for them.

At WORST, this is an election where we can correct any mistakes in one year - this open seat will again be up for review in 2010.

I will fight like hell to make sure we elect real conservatives in our primaries but I will support a RINO over the Dem and an independent IF the Republican candidate was chosen in a primary. That demonstrates that the candidate is representing the district, and that a pure conservative probably would not win in that particular district. I do this for the same reason I held my nose and voted for McCain. To do otherwise risks doing irreparable damage to this country - just like Obama is threatening to do to us now.

Iran getting nukes is not reparable.

Socialized medicine is not reparable.

Cap and trade is not reparable.

The lost opportunity for a conservative supreme court is not reparable.

It may yet turn out that we dodge this missile and Israel takes out Iran's nuclear program, that the twin evils of socialized medicine and cap and trade fail and that Sotomayor surprises us with conservative rulings, but I would not want to bet the farm on it.

11-02-2009, 03:53 PM
This is why no matter what the Democrats will stay in power. It's this kind of crap that is causing the Republicans to lose their base.

Wow... just wow

11-02-2009, 04:36 PM
This is why no matter what the Democrats will stay in power. It's this kind of crap that is causing the Republicans to lose their base.

Yes, if only John McCain had reached further into the Democratic depths he would have won. There were sooo many Democrats just chomping at the bit, stamping their feet, ready to stampede over to vote for McCain. If only he had not been such a right leaning nut!:rolleyes: