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11-11-2009, 11:05 AM
He doesn't seem to realize that the neanderthals in the Middle East wants-no, that it's their duty to kill all non-Muslims who won't convert.. This fucking retard expects people to believe that modernization is the reason the sand people hate us... What a lying, conniving jerk! It's disgusting that this pig is representing America around the globe.


In this part of his speech in Cairo, he basically lays it out why he feels there is Islamic terrorism:

a) colonialism
b) the cold war
c) modernity and globalization

But that’s not all. Just listen how he systematically connects these things to also creating tension in Islamic countries. In other words, he is saying that because of external influences, terrorism was ignited. He doesn’t say a word about the propaganda campaign that is violently enforced in Islamic countries among their own population. And he doesn’t mention the fact that democracy is something that Islam abhors, and for a good reason. Because by doing so, he would have to admit that the propaganda techniques employed in religious Islamic countries is the exact same techniques that are being employed to keep him politically viable.

Friends, we have gone to great lengths to try to explain what the modern public relations industry is all about. We have tried our best to draw a line connecting the dots from power and money to religion and the media. Utopian thinking patterns morph themselves into droplets of messages raining down on unsuspecting people giving them pause before acting on sexual impulses. In the West there is the exploitation of the feminist movement by the tobacco industry. And there is the deliberate distancing of men from their animal instincts by advertising automobiles, fashion, and fragrances, which plays to man’s inadequacies only in order to sell their manliness back to them packaged up and for a profit.

The flip side of this PR campaign is the foundation for the retention of power by the status quo in Islamic countries. Demanding that women cover their hair and skin is a method of subjugation, which is exploitation by another name. And men are left to their own vices and exploit their lower animal nature in an act of pure tribal indulgence. The feeling of being connected through common sexual behavior is a false sense of security offered by those whose own rationale for adhering to propaganda is for power and control and indulging themselves in the world of the wealthy and privileged and whose entrenched progeny will be guaranteed to live out their life in security.

Just watch this video carefully and you will see how Obama uses false arguments to deflect attention away from the irrational nature of the propaganda that keeps him where he is. The problems will never be solved as long as blame keeps getting passed from one side of the argument to the other. It would be laughable if it were not true. But it is like an itch that you cannot scratch, which in shorthand means that when everyone is arguing about the other guy’s faulty propaganda campaign: Colonialism, the cold war, modernity and globalization are all euphemisms for the military industrial complex.

To blame terrorism on external forces is the same as giving a pass to the leaders of Islamic countries in which repression is used as a propaganda tool. It takes one to know one as to how this game is played, and Barack Obama is the best thing that ever happened to the military-industrial complex. It now includes the media as well in the military-industrial-influence complex [MIMIC]. The three have joined forces to become a massive influence peddling device that keeps the status quo in place.

One must ask how the current U.S. budget deficit isn’t considered an act of terrorism as well. This is because the new world order global elitists have no intention whatsoever of bursting the bubble that they have created. It is a world of debt that has been created for the people, whereas the creditors in this game are collecting the interest on the debt. A trillion here and a trillion there. It makes no difference to this crowd whose chief propagandist is hard at work keeping everyone at bay using all the tricks of the trade. Most of the money goes to Islamic countries anyway for their oil, and instead of angering them with such petty nonsense as democracy the new world order folks pander to them using their own propaganda techniques in a kinder, gentler way. Giving people false hope about windmills and solar panels is just some PR crumbs being tossed at the masses to make them think that elites will cease riding in their own private gas-guzzling jets.

No doubt, the rise of the conservative movement in America is shocking to the establishment. It shuts off the media and redirects the attention of people to the real culprit fueling Islamic terrorism. The way that Saddam Hussein held onto power is the same way that Ahmadinejad and the mullahs onto power. It is also the same way that Obama holds onto power. By exploiting so-called ‘victims’ for political gain has given rise to an awareness of what political correctness really means, and in turn has brought people’s attention to the reason for it all.

Mind you, Obama is no dummy. Just listen to him. That’s all. You can see how he craftily slips the notion of military-industrial PR into the rhetoric of Islamic countries. Colonialism, the cold war, globalism and modernity are motivational buzz words for the corporate PR business. Like we’ve been saying, they are no doubt teaching the principles of PR in law schools these days. You can hear it coming straight from this guy’s mouth. He appeases the terrorists while saying things which are illogical and serve the best interests of the elite who are not in fear of terrorism. For without the global elite who have hijacked sexual repression as a tool of propaganda, there would not be terrorists in the first place. By definition, a terrorist is an angry individual who cannot connect the dots as to how their natural instincts and beliefs have been used by those who do not hold their beliefs yet who pretend to hold them while simultaneously using them to further their own lust for power and control.


Big Guy
11-11-2009, 11:32 AM
Worst part about it is he was elected by the people (The stupid people). Now he has the power to tear apart our country for at least the next three years.