View Full Version : ACORN Sues Over 'Unconstitutional' Funding Cuts By Congress

11-12-2009, 09:27 PM

Looks like Teh Nuts want their funding back... (http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2009/11/12/acorn-sues-unconstitutional-funding-cuts-congress/)

by Joseph Abrams
, FOXNews.com

In an attempt to regain the millions in funding it lost in the wake of a hidden-camera scandal, ACORN is suing the federal government over congressional legislation that cut off funding to the community organizing group.

Representatives for ACORN sued the federal government Thursday morning in an attempt to regain the millions of dollars in funding the community organizing group lost after filmmakers videotaped its workers offering advice on how to commit tax fraud and various other felonies.

The suit charges Congress with violating the Constitution when it passed legislation in September that specifically targeted ACORN to lose federal housing, education and transportation funds.

POS's should get thrown in prison. And Hannity said today he has a new tape
coming out on ACORN next week. :D

11-12-2009, 09:35 PM
Real funny! :D the nuts at acorn are going to sue the other nuts! It will be fun watching acorn get thrown under the bus! :D

11-12-2009, 09:36 PM
WTF are they bitching about - the funding cuts were symbolic not actual. They're for a couple of months - and then the funding all kicks back in. :rolleyes:

11-12-2009, 09:50 PM
What's unconstitutional is funding them in the first place!

11-13-2009, 02:10 AM
Funding the nuts is nothing I agreed to. When did this get through Congress? I also don't want to fund abortions, yet the turds in power will make this reality.:mad: