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11-16-2009, 11:54 AM
"Americans are worried about the fine print in the health care overhaul, an Associated Press poll says, and those concerns are creating new challenges for President Barack Obama as he tries to overcome doubts in Congress." It’s Monday. “Lord, take me downtown. I'm just lookin' for some Pulse."

GOOD WEEKEND, TOUGH MONDAY FOR CRITICS – Health reform opponents were buoyed on Saturday by a CMS actuarial report that found the House bill will increase health care costs by almost $300 billion over the next decade. The study was the strongest blow yet to Democrats’ claims that reform will rein in ever-increasing costs.

The report also found that the House bill’s cuts to Medicare will cost millions of seniors their current benefits and could cause hospitals to drop out of the program. But fortunes turn fast in this debate and today opponents are hit with a double-whammy of bad press.

The NYT reports that drug makers have jacked their prices so high this year that it would effectively cancel out any savings from the first year of the $80 billion PhRMA-White House deal.