View Full Version : Whistleblower Video Reveals SEIU Ballot Fraud

11-20-2009, 08:43 PM
Workers blow whistle on SEIU election fraud


SEIUís fraud wasnít against political opponents or some evil capitalist. No, SEIUís fraud was against a brother/sister labor union.

SEIU has been engaged in a fire-fight with the National Union of Health Workers. For SEIU, it isnít enough that workers are unionized, but they must be unionized AND their dues flow into the purple political machine.

The video features SEIU official David Regan, who ran the unionís voting campaign. Keep in mind, again, the ďopponentsĒ he mentions arenít Republicans or businesses, but another labor union.

We hold out no hope that federal labor officials will seriously investigate SEIUís fraud. Its President, Andy Stern, is, after all, Americaís most frequent White House guest.

Still, that doesnít mean the public shouldnít be informed of SEIUís actions. We have a treasure trove of information on SEIUís fight with its fellow union. It is a story that will unfold here over the coming weeks.