View Full Version : ‘Million Med March’ Draws Hundreds in St. Louis

11-22-2009, 05:09 PM
A crowd of more than 300 gathered at Memorial Plaza outside the St. Louis County (Mo.) Government Building in Clayton Saturday afternoon as part of the Million Med March protest against health care reform measures now under consideration in the nation’s capitol.

Doctor rallies others to fight government control

Medical professionals, many of whom donned white coats, were joined at the rally by “regular Joes” (i.e, people who described themselves as “concerned citizens” and “patients”) as well as a handful of elected officials and wannabe officeholders.

Million Meds March 10-1-2009

All came to express opposition to government-run health care.
million med march

With Dr. Carolyn Martin serving as emcee, the rally began at noon with the playing of the national anthem, recitation of the pledge of allegiance and a moment of silence for those who died earlier this month at Fort Hood.Dr. Dan Windsor was the first to address the crowd. He began by acknowledging that he was “outside of his comfort zone” as the organizer of the event, one of at least 21 taking place in cities across the country.

"Mad as Hell" Doctors make their road trip across the country and end up in DC

Thanks to registered nurse Stephanie Rubach and medical researcher Fred Sauer Jr., he said, the event attracted the attention of doctors, nurses and other medical professionals from across Eastern Missouri and Southern Illinois who then came to the rally.