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11-22-2009, 05:25 PM
Sitting here in Singapore as President Obama went through China and flew home from his 8-day trip to Asia, it is perhaps easier to see the true truth of his tripóitís deep failure.

The entire neo-liberal economic model promoted by the US over the past decades is now held in such disregard in Asia that a President representing the US system must suffer from the modelís decline.

Soft power, such as culture and economic models, is always a major component of projecting a nationís power around the world. Right now Wall Street, Alan Greenspan and the Chicago-school of market mania has so undercut Americaís standing in Asia by the horrible recession they caused, that even President Obamaís popularity couldnít overcome itís negative impact.

Obama came home empty-handed. He made little headway in his single most important missionóChinaís revaluation of its currency, the yuan.

A higher value for the yuan makes sense for the global economy, for the US economy and for the Chinese economy. But Obama couldnít persuade Beijing of that because you canít muscle your banker and China is Americaís banker.

And everyone in Asia knows this. You can feel the shift in the way people talk and in the way nationís are beginning to accomodate China.

Expect more visits from Chinaís growing blue-water fleet. Expect more Asian students studying in Chinese universities. Asian children are already beginning to learn Mandarin in a big way.


11-22-2009, 05:51 PM
Obama Blunders Through Asia ("Nailed It!")

Obama Blunders Through Asia Undoing Bush's years of deft diplomacy. Much dire rhetoric has been unleashed in liberal quarters about the damage done by George W. Bush's foreign policy.

The alleged damage, however, is not evident in Asia. When Ken Lieberthal, a respected China specialist and Democratic loyalist, spoke at Harvard early this year, I asked him to name a single year in memory when Washington had as good relations with India, Japan, and China as under Bush.

He changed the subject. The White House stated as Obama left Asia for home...


11-22-2009, 05:53 PM
Epic Fail. He should have just stayed home.