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11-25-2009, 05:30 PM
The Gatlin Brothers: new album "Pilgrimage", song lyrics ""Americans That's Who", video from Fox News

"Americans, that's who" - The Gatlin Brothers on Fox & Friends (19 Nov 09)

Country music legends Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers, most famously known for their song "All the Gold in California", have released their first new album in 5 years entitled Pilgrimage. Nineteen (19) songs and stories comprise this stellar CD with several tracts paying homage to the late great Man in Black, Johnny Cash.

The CD is available for purchase from their website for only $9.99 + S&H. If the low price is not incentive enough, they have included 5 re-recorded versions of classic hits that you can download for free. You may also purchase other CDs, DVDs, books, and 8x10 photographs suitable for framing.

The three brothers recently performed a song from Pilgrimage entitled "Americans That's Who" on the TV show Fox & Friends which aires weekday mornings on the Fox News Channel (FNC). (video footage included at the end of this article) Larry Gatlin wrote the song after reading an article in the New York Times that upset him with it's anti-America slant.

He said: "The more I read the madder I got ... Johnny Cash always called me The Pilgrim and he told me one time, he said 'Pilgrim, if something makes you mad enough you'll durn sure write a song about it.' ... I wrote it, taught it to the band that night, we sang it on the show, and people stood up in the first verse."

Here are the lyrics to "Americans That's Who":

They have fed hungry people
They have clothed people who didn't have clothes
They've built shelters
for people sleeping out in the cold
They've done all the good things good people are supposed to do
Who are these good people?
Americans, that's who.

They have freed millions of people
from the tyranny of evil men
They've handed the government back into the people's hands
You won't read much about it in the paper
I'm telling you it's true
Who are these good people?
Americans, that's who.

Glory, glory, halleluiah
(sung to The Battle Hymn of The Republic)

They have left their wives and babies
and marched headlong into hell
Some have paid the ultimate price
so I can stand right up and tell you how I feel about it
and what I know in my heart is true
Who are these good people?
Americans, that's who.